Unique Garden Ponds and Waterfalls


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Benefits of Building Koi Ponds and Gardens

For the last 20 years, I have enjoyed building garden ponds and waterfalls, breeding koi, growing aquatic plants, installing pond lights and designing other backyard water features. We have moved multiple times so I have gone through the effort of building a koi pond on three separate occasions in both cold and warm weather locations. Each of these koi ponds and gardens has been designed to be bigger and more elaborate than the previous one. From this experience and research, I have learned how to build koi ponds creating beautiful and unique water features while minimizing effort and expense. The ongoing work involved in koi pond maintenance is also largely determined by how the koi pond and garden is originally designed and constructed. Garden ponds and waterfalls should bring pleasure and add value to your property not create an inordinate amount of additional work.  When koi ponds are properly designed and stocked, keeping water quality at a high level does not require a large expenditure of money and time.

Besides enhancing the value of your home, I have found that there are many other benefits of building a pond. Here are a just few:


Pond Overall small 300x225 Unique Garden Ponds and Waterfalls

My latest pond built in 2003


Building a Pond to Experience the Wonderful World of Koi!

My fish of choice for stocking our garden ponds and waterfalls has always been the graceful and beautiful koi. These colorful fish are long lived, friendly and relatively easy to keep. With good water quality, the koi will naturally reproduce and grow rapidly so it will not be necessary to buy additional fish after the initial stocking. Of course if you come across the “must have” koi you can always add it, the other of the fish won’t mind!  Just don’t add fish beyond the capacity of the koi pond. Guidelines for how many fish can be safely stocked in a koi pond are covered on the pond fish page. Bottom line is that Garden Ponds and Waterfalls are excellent additions to any backyard.


Fish Nov 10 1 small1 Unique Garden Ponds and Waterfalls
The three large fish in the picture were 3- 5 inches long when purchased in 2003. The smaller ones were all born in pond with the first spawn occurring in 2005. Some of the fish born that year are now over a foot long.



Building a Koi Pond to Grow Beautiful and Unique Plants!

Another reason to learn how to build a pond is to add unique water plants to your garden. Koi Ponds and Gardens just naturally go together. Building a koi pond that only holds fish will enhance any backyard by itself, but it also provides the opportunity to grow a variety of aquatic plants that are impossible in a land only garden. These plants will work together with the fish to create a balanced koi pond and garden environment that is beautiful and fun to interact with. Of particular note are water lilies which will quickly become one of the outstanding inhabitants of the backyard pond. These magnificent plants are virtually maintenance free and will add unique color and fragrance to any property.

WaterLilies1 2 small Unique Garden Ponds and Waterfalls

Water Lilies add beauty and color to your pond and provide cover for our fish.


Building a Koi Pond Creates a World Where You Can Listen to Waterfalls, Frogs and More!

Garden Ponds and waterfalls are wonderful visual and auditory features to have on your property . The sounds of a waterfall are considered some of the most relaxing and soothing in nature and as such are often featured in Sleep Sound Machines. So why not listen to the real thing in your own backyard? Frogs help control the insect population and serenade you on warm spring and summer nights with their glorious love songs. They also love to sit on your lily pads and sun themselves on hot summer days. Frogs will reproduce and you can watch them as they evolve from tadpoles to bull frogs.

The objective of this site is to share what I have learned about building a koi pond with individuals or families who are interested in the creating their own garden ponds and waterfalls.

The site is organized around the sequence of events that are involved in building a pond with links to each subject at the top of the left sidebar. Just follow the 8 steps in the Navigation Menu in the upper right section of each page. We begin with where to build the pond, then provide directions on building the pond, followed by stocking the pond with fish and plants, and what work is involved in koi pond maintenance. We also include pages describing the various types of koi, how to go about breeding koi and about adding accessories such as low voltage and solar powered pond lighting. There is also a financial model and calculator with which you can estimates the cost of building a koi pond that is customized to meet your needs. Over time I will be adding more content to this site so bookmark this page and visit us again. If you have any questions, suggestions or specific topics you would like to see covered, e-mail me.


Find What You Need to Build Garden Ponds and Waterfalls at our Pond Shop

We also have an Pond Shop where you can purchase all the supplies and materials that you need.

If you already know what you need, the links below lead to the different sections of the Pond Shop.

Pond Filters                                   Pond Kits

Pond Liners                                   Pond Pumps

Low Voltage Lights                    Solar Powered Lights


Otherwise start the process by finding the Best Location for Building a Koi Pond

MWG large Unique Garden Ponds and Waterfalls


1 Unique Garden Ponds and Waterfalls


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