Pictures of Koi Ponds


Photos of Koi Ponds that Illustrate Various Water Garden Features

There are many different ways to enhance the appearance and enjoyment derived from a backyard koi pond. Bridges, fountains, statues, waterfalls, streams, plants and rocks can all be used create the atmosphere you want in your garden. The photos of the Koi Ponds pictured on this page are examples of the different effects that can be achieved and provide some ideas for your water garden. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.


fish pic

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[img src=]1250
[img src=]1020
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[img src=]940
[img src=]891
[img src=]820
[img src=]821
[img src=]810
[img src=]760
[img src=]750
[img src=]690
[img src=]720
[img src=]630
[img src=]570
[img src=]620
[img src=]620
[img src=]640
[img src=]610
[img src=]610
[img src=]600
[img src=]730


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