Pond Filters

Our Recommended Filters

Below is a display of pond filters that are available in our Pond Store.
The list contains two types of pond filters. Waterfall filters are open containers with filter media that spill back directly into the koi pond and pressure filters are closed containers that return the water through hoses or pipes. I prefer waterfall filters since they are much less expensive and have the added benefit of adding a spectacular water feature to the pond. They are also easier to blend into the natural setting. However, I always limit the number of koi, I add to the pond. For situations where the terrain precludes a waterfall or you want to be able to safely carry a heavier fish load you should consider a pressure filter. For super clean water you can always use both in your pond design with the pressure filter feeding the waterfall container which can function as a second biological filter. You can read more about pond filters on the Pond Pump and Filters page.

Water should circulate through the filter at least once every 2 hours (my preference is once every hour) so the capacity of the filter should be at least 1/2 the volume of the pond. For example, a 4000 gal pond needs a filter with a capacity of at least 2000 GPH (better yet 4000 GPH.)

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