Solar Powered Garden Lights

Recommended Solar Lights

There are 2 types of lights that are commonly used in or around ponds; solar powered garden lights and outdoor low voltage lighting. Within each of these types, there are 3 categories of lights; submerged, floating and landscape. Solar powered lights work very well where there is abundant sunlight and are particularly well suited as floating lights. I use both solar powered garden lights and outdoor low voltage lighting for landscaping in and around the pond depending on the ease of accessing electricity and the availability of sunlight in the area. You can learn more about the different lighting alternatives on the Pond Lights page of this site.

This page lists the Solar Powered Garden Lights that offered in our store. Click on this link to find a similar list of Low Voltage Lighting products.

If you see a solar powered garden light that you are interested in buying or want to investigate further just click on the link and you will be taken directly to the detail page where you can learn more and add the product to your shopping cart.

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